MUSA明馬丁 is an Argentine pianist, keyboardist, composer, arranger, producer and band leader based in Taiwan.


MUSA明馬丁 has performed all around the world as pianist, keyboardist and bandleader for some of the biggest names in the Mandarin and Cantonese Pop music scene - such as  Crowd Lu (盧廣仲), Gary Chaw(曹格), Joanna Wang (王若琳), Matzka, Olivia Ong (王俪婷), Lara Liang (梁心颐), Jiajia (家家), A-Bao (阿爆), Japanese guitar duo Depapepe, Deserts Chang (張懸), Alien Huang (黃鴻升), Alex To (杜德伟) among many others, doing his last session work as keyboardist for the Mando-Pop diva A-Lin (阿玲) for both her【Sonar】 and 【I’m A-Lin】World Tours during 2016, 2017 and 2018.


For the release of his first album 【3690】in October 2013 the Austrian piano manufacturer Bösendorfer endorsed MUSA明馬丁, providing a special version of the model 214 to use on the recording sessions in Taiwan. After the release, MUSA明馬丁 toured extensively in South America, East Asia (Japan, China and Taiwan) and has performed his own compositions as a member of the house band at the official Légère Jazz Jam of the Winter NAMM Show in L.A (US) in 2015, 2016 and 2017 alongside names such as GRAMMY nominated artist Gerald Albright (Quincy Jones, Anita Baker, Phil Collins), George Garzone (New York University/Berklee College of Music woodwinds faculty), Jeff Kashiwa (The Rippingtons), showcasing the keyboards of his endorser company, the Italian maker Studiologic.


MUSA明馬丁 has also opened his own music production company in Taiwan, 3690 Studios Ltda. and in May of 2016 released his multi-award winning second album【All Kinds of Good】followed by a tour in Japan, visiting more than 10 cities, closing the tour as the main performer at the Ikebukuro Jazz Festival 2016 playing for an audience of more than 1,000 people in the heart of Tokyo, followed by another tour in Taiwan, performing at the Taipei Jazz Festival 2016 and Taichong Jazz Festival 2016.  MUSA明馬丁 was also invited to perform at those festivals again in 2017 and 2018.


In 2017【All Kinds of Good】received multiple nominations  in the two most important music awards ceremonies of the Greater China area, which includes China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Chinese communities worldwide. MUSA明馬丁 received eight nominations overall, three at the prestigious Golden Melody Award (known as the Chinese GRAMMY) as Best Producer, Best Album and Best Composer and 5 nominations at the Indie Golden Melody Award (same competition but for independent artists) as Best Jazz Single (2 songs nominated), Best Album, Best Jazz Album and Best Musician. Musa went on to win Best Jazz Album and Best Musician of the Year making him first western solo artist to be nominated and win in any of this categories in any of those award ceremonies. During 2018 the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan honored him by inviting him to be one of the judges of the Indie Golden Melody, the award ceremony that awarded him the previous year, and inspire of being a member of the jury and not being able to vote, in 2018 he once again won Best Jazz Single of the Year for his guest appearance on the track Dreamer’s Blues by the Afro-Cuban Jazz band Soy La Ley.   


Currently MUSA明馬丁 is on the Pre-Production stage of his third solo album 【ON -the 大里 Sessions- 】in which he is experimenting with all the sounds that are influencing his playing, Afro-South American Music, Electronic Music, ancient Chinese Instruments and Native tribal Taiwanese chants. As producer he is working on a project that was awarded a Taiwanese government grant for music and the arts called【Indigo Children】where MUSA明馬丁 the whole spectrum of Afro-North American music with the structural arrangements and lyrical developments of Mandarin Pop Music. The album features Pin, a well known underground singer/songwriter that has toured and perform for years as lead backing vocals for the MandoPop diva A-Mei (張惠妹) . 


In 2017 was a turning point in MUSA明馬丁's career and after 9 years of living and working in the Greater China Area, he decided it was time to give back to a society that had provided the freedom and stability necessary for him to develop as an artist, and that's how his 20th Century Popular Music Course, was born. MUSA明馬丁 teaches for free to aspiring professional musicians not only music theory and improvisation but also introduces a bit of the history and anthropological roots behind all the music styles that have become famous worldwide, from Tango to R&B and everything in between. As a mostly self-taught musician who learned the value of education by having to struggle hard to get it, MUSA明馬丁 understands that not always those who have a passion for Art have the means to pursue it, and if that is not fixed, when talent is wasted, is not just the individuals but the whole of society who losses. 


To close this short bio I would like to use a quote from MUSA明馬丁’s favorite writer, Sir Bertrand Russell that has guided and will continue to guide his life and musical journey


My view is this:

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Knowledge and love are both indefinitely extensible; therefore, however good a life may be, a better life can be imagined. 

© Photo by Issa Chang and Cheng Chen






作為鋼琴家和鍵盤手,在音樂生涯中Musa現場演出過的地方很多,遍及亞洲多國、北美洲、南美洲等不同地方和大小城市。與他合作過的亞洲音樂人包括盧廣仲、曹格、王若琳、Matzka、Olivia Ong (王儷婷)、梁心頤、家家、A-Bao (阿爆)、Depapepe、安溥 (張懸)、黃鴻升、杜德偉和A-Lin等等。


在2016至2018年,Musa在A-Lin的Sonar及I’m A-Lin世界巡迴演唱會上擔任現場鍵盤手。





首張專輯發行後,Musa分別在台灣、南美、日本等地宣傳,並於2015年在美國Légère Jazz Jam of the Winter NAMM Show in L.A與一眾格林美提名得獎者Gerald Albright (Quincy Jones, Anita Baker, Phil Collins)、George Garzone (New York University/Berklee College of Music woodwinds faculty)和Jeff Kashiwa (The Rippingtons)同台演出他的作品,同時為義大利鍵盤品牌Studiologic代言產品。


“All Kinds of Good”

Musa在台灣擁有他的音樂製作公司3690 (這也是他第一張音樂專輯的名字)。成立3690之後,於2016年5月,他發行了第二張音樂專輯All Kinds of Good。這張專輯讓Musa在台灣、日本超過10個城市巡迴演出,包括2016年池袋爵士音樂節(作為日本巡迴演出的結束)、台北爵士音樂節及台中爵士音樂節的現場表演。Musa在2017及2018年也被邀請到同樣的音樂節上演出。


All Kinds of Good這張專輯,為Musa得到8個音樂獎項提名與獲得兩個獎項,包括:







在2018年金音獎,Musa獲台灣文化部邀請成為不投票評審成員;而他在Soy La Ley樂團協力演出的歌曲Dreamer’s Blues,也在同一年度的最佳爵士單曲獎項中獲獎。



目前,Musa正在準備他的第三張音樂專輯ON -the 大里 Sessions-。他將在這張專輯中實驗各種曾經為他帶來影響和啟發的音樂類型,例如南美洲音樂、電子音樂、傳統國樂及台灣原住民音樂。


另外,Musa正在為Indigo Children音樂企劃製作音樂。這張同名專輯受惠於台灣文化部補助獎勵,創作成員包括張惠妹的合唱團成員兼獨立唱作歌手Pin,以推動本地華語流行音樂發展。



在亞太及華語音樂氛圍下工作了9年之後,Musa決定成立20th Century Popular Music Course課程,去回饋及推動音樂教育與發展。這是個Musa親自教授、完全免費的音樂課程,為想學習音樂的人和專業音樂人教授樂理與音樂文化歷史、即興音樂演奏學習,音樂類型覆蓋探戈、藍調到流行音樂等不同領域。