2017 Golden Melody:

(Considered as the Grammy for the Chinese speaking countries)

Nominated as : 
* Best Composer
* Best Producer 
* Best Instrumental Album

2017 Indie Golden Melody:

Nominated as : 
* Best Album of the Year
* Best Jazz Album
* Best Musician of the Year
* "Skydiving" as Best Jazz Single 
* "All Kinds of Good" as Best Jazz Single

Winner of Best Jazz Album

Indie Golden Melody 2017

Winner of Best Musician Indie Golden Melody 2017














🔴最佳爵士單曲獎〈All Kinds of Good〉

2017 金音獎獲獎最佳爵士專輯獎

2017 金音獎獲獎最佳樂手獎